Sam, a founder of The Health Hub, is an experienced Chiropractor with over 10 years’ experience.  Having received the Award for Clinical Excellence from the University of Glamorgan at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (a prestigious award given to the Best Clinician in the graduating year,) Sam went on to help run a clinic for over 10 years.  Now he has set up The Health Hub so he can focus on the care of his patients and help them get back to living a full life again.  Sam, keen to develop his knowledge base, is a regular attendee on training courses as he consistently thrives to provide patients with the best, most current techniques and methods of treatment.

Sam spends the majority of his time helping treat people with back pain, which he finds incredibly rewarding.  In addition to this Sam, a keen sportsman himself, particularly enjoys working with amateur and professional athletes and sportspeople so he can help them reach their peak potential. 




Lachlan has been practicing as a Registered Osteopath for 20 years having studied at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent.  He has worked with a variety of patients having spent 15 years in London at a well-known yoga centre as well as practicing locally at The Heeler Centre for 7 years. 

Prior to qualifying as an Osteopath, Lachlan was a musician/vocal coach for many years.



Elise qualified from the University of Brighton in 2011 with an MSc in Rehabilitation Science. Previous to this degree she completed a Bachelors degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Chichester. Since qualifying Elise has worked in both the NHS and private settings and has specialised in neurological rehabilitation in both adults and children as well as vestibular pathologies. Neurologically this includes things like stroke rehabilitation, working with MS patients to maintain as much strength and function as possible, Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease and so the list goes on. Vestibular pathologies include BPPV, Labyrinthitis, Meniere’s Disease, and Vestibular Migraines and many more. Alongside this she also treats all the usual issues you would expect to see a Physio for, with her in depth experience using posture and movement analysis, sports massage, therapeutic handling and functional strength training. Elise is also qualified separately in sports massage which she is also offering at the clinic and is currently completing her yoga teaching qualification, so watch this space! 



Rehab Specialist/Pilates Instructor

Georgie is a Sports Therapist with over a decade of experience.  She graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008.  Since then she has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills working with a variety of sports teams, clinics, and gyms.  After seeing how much Pilates played a role in the rehabilitation of injuries, she decided to train with the Pilates Foundation as a Matwork teacher in 2010.  She has experience teaching small matwork classes, from beginners through to advanced, as well as specific rehab groups for example; lower back pain, shoulder pain, prenatal and postnatal.

Following her training in Pilates Apparatus in 2012, Georgie worked for the Harlequins rugby team for two seasons, using the reformer with players to strengthen and mobilise.  She practised alongside the physiotherapists to help accelerate the players’ return to play following injury.

Over the years, the Pilates training has complemented her skills as a therapist.  She has great success in helping individuals rehabilitate from injury and get back to their sport/hobby.  This is achieved through a combination of strengthening exercise programs, manual therapy and of course Pilates!




Jodie, a founder of The Health Hub, is a qualified, chartered physiotherapist who has a passion for treating people regardless of their injury.  Having started work within the NHS, Jodie has worked across the country in both the public and private sectors. Now she has set up The Health Hub where she can focus her attention on all aspects of physiotherapy.

Jodie has always had a keen interest in sports and rehabilitation and she studied for her Masters in Australia where she was able to work alongside some of Australia’s top Olympic Physiotherapists covering a number of disciplines.  In addition to this, Jodie is passionate about the management and treatment of women’s health with a particular focus on antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy.

Jodie is constantly learning new techniques to best support the care of her patients and is able to offer needling and acupuncture which she can combine with her physiotherapy and pilates training to offer a complete treatment package.




Kirk qualified as a Physiotherapist at the University of Brighton following a career change, having previously worked in the finance industry for a number of years. His decision to pursue a career in Physiotherapy was borne out of a passion to help others restore function and improve their quality of life. He has a strong interest in sports injury and rehabilitation being a keen sportsman himself!



Massage Therapist

Tanya is an experienced massage therapist with clients across Sussex.  Specialisms include aromatherapy massage, deep tissue, head & facial massage, hot stones, pregnancy and oncology massage.  Treatments are tailored to the individual patient.

“I enjoy treating people from all walks of life.  It is great when new people experience the benefits of massage for the first time and see what a big difference it can make to their wellbeing.  It’s good to see as time goes on that more people are investing in their own health and I have been treating a lot of my patients now for many years.”

Massage has been proven to boost the immune system, improve circulation, keep muscles and joints flexible and aid recovery.  It provides a myriad of physical and mental health benefits which are particularly important in today’s fast-paced life.



Sports Massage Therapist

Tina has been a sports massage therapist and biomechanics coach for 12 years.  She is a Personal Trainer (PT) who specialised in phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation for 10 years in association with the BACR.  Tina’s motivation to do sports massage in 2007 was to help sporty, active children, (young cricketers at the time,) as Tina felt they needed care, guidance, tips and tools to be able to help look after their young, growing bodies to give them the best chance of reaching their full potential.

Tina loves people and helping them to just feel better, less stressed and with positive outcomes.  The human body is an incredible but complicated machine.  It fascinates her and she is therefore constantly learning, she loves it!

Note from Tina: “I may be rather vertically challenged but do not let my size fool you!  They don’t call me the ‘pocket rocket’ for nothing…”