George Brookes

Georgie Brookes

Sports Therapist
Rehab Specialist
Pilates Instructor

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Georgie graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008. With over a decade of experience Georgie has worked in a variety of settings including gyms, multidisciplinary clinics, and with professional sports teams. This involves helping people suffering from pain and injury with the musculoskeletal system through exercise rehabilitation, movement education, and manual therapy.

Georgie immersed herself in the Pilates matwork training for a year with Pilates Foundation in 2009, and another year in the Apparatus in 2012. Then specialising in Pre and Postnatal Pilates too. With a large number of patients needing more than hands on treatment she finds using Pilates exercises a great way of helping individuals return to their sport or goal. Georgie was the Pilates instructor for Harlequins for two seasons where she worked alongside the medical team to help players return to rugby after injury.

Georgie has a particular love of all things active and is a keen runner, sea swimmer, and netball player. She is passionate about getting you back to your sport or hobby whatever it may be. She has undergone an additional diploma in the John Gibbons Bodymaster Method which has deepened her understanding of the body. And regularly uses the methods taught such as Kinesiology taping, Muscle Energy Techniques, Advance Soft Tissue Techniques, and Dry Needling.

Since having three children her drive has grown to help women in the postnatal period. To educate women on their pelvic floor, diastasis separation (if it has occurred) and the importance of building core strength back up again to cope with the demands children throw at you! With a number of friends having c sections, and the questions that came with it Georgie’s interest grew in how to help c section scars. She started with Emma Holly’s Introduction to ScarWork and the results were so fantastic that Georgie went on to become part of the first group of therapists to be trained as C-Section Scar Specialists with Restore Scar Therapy.

Scar massage

Scar massage is a common method used to help remodel scar tissue that has developed after an injury. Scar massage will help to to hydrate and smooth your scar as well as reducing pain and itchiness. It will help promote the circulatory and lymphatic systems around the area to boost healing. Some examples of patients that have had success with scar treatment are: C section scars, hysterectomy, mastectomy, knee replacement, hip replacement to name a few.

Following your consultation and assessment your treatment will be tailored to focus on areas of tightness and tension around your scar and the underlying fascia, muscles and any fibrotic tissue. You will also be given advice on how to care for your scar at home and any products that may facilitate this.

C section scar massage and abdominal rehabilitation – This can begin 10 weeks post surgery and will help to restore movement through your scar and connect with the abdominals again. This can be combined with our Core Scanning Service where we use our Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner which produces a live image of your core activation. From this assessment, you will understand more about your core and realise what activating it should feel like, giving you the confidence that you are doing it correctly. From here a postnatal exercise program can begin to get you stronger and able to cope with the growing demands of your baby. This is an invaluable part of your recovery postpartum and will help you return to exercise with the confidence that your body is strong from inside to out.