Sports Massages in Haywards Heath

We often say that as a therapy, sports massage as a title is highly deceiving as fundamentally you don’t need to be playing sport or to have a sports injury to have a sports massage. When we compare sports massage to general massage there are a few key differences, the main one is pressure. Generally speaking, a sports massage is focussed on working on the muscles to elicit change which often involves increased pressure. If we compare this to general massage the pressure will be slightly less as the focus is on relaxing the muscles and you! Sports massage is also great for those muscular niggles that could come from working from home at the dining room table or from hitting the gym. All in all, it is a treatment for all that is specific to your needs.

Tina Towler

Sports Massage Therapist

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Tina has been a sports massage therapist and biomechanics coach for 12 years. She is a Personal Trainer (PT) who specialised in phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation for 10 years in association with the BACR. Tina’s motivation to do sports massage in 2007 was to help sporty, active children, (young cricketers at the time,) as Tina felt they needed care, guidance, tips and tools to be able to help look after their young, growing bodies to give them the best chance of reaching their full potential.

Tina loves people and helping them to just feel better, less stressed and with positive outcomes. The human body is an incredible but complicated machine. It fascinates her and she is therefore constantly learning, she loves it!

Note from Tina: “I may be rather vertically challenged but do not let my size fool you! They don’t call me the ‘pocket rocket’ for nothing…”

Dani Lewis

Dani Lewis

Sports Massage Therapist

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Dani qualified in 2017 having trained at the London School of Sports Massage and is also a qualified Personal Trainer, so she knows a thing or two about the human body. She also has experience of working in a sedentary office job, so she knows first-hand how Sports Massage can really help those tight hips, lower back, neck and shoulders caused by the day job!

George Brookes

Georgie Brookes

Sports Therapist
Rehab Specialist
Pilates Instructor

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Georgie graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008. With over a decade of experience Georgie has worked in a variety of settings including gyms, multidisciplinary clinics, and with professional sports teams. This involves helping people suffering from pain and injury with the musculoskeletal system through exercise rehabilitation, movement education, and manual therapy.

Georgie immersed herself in the Pilates matwork training for a year with Pilates Foundation in 2009, and another year in the Apparatus in 2012. Then specialising in Pre and Postnatal Pilates too. With a large number of patients needing more than hands on treatment she finds using Pilates exercises a great way of helping individuals return to their sport or goal. Georgie was the Pilates instructor for Harlequins for two seasons where she worked alongside the medical team to help players return to rugby after injury.

Georgie has a particular love of all things active and is a keen runner, sea swimmer, and netball player. She is passionate about getting you back to your sport or hobby whatever it may be. She has undergone an additional diploma in the John Gibbons Bodymaster Method which has deepened her understanding of the body. And regularly uses the methods taught such as Kinesiology taping, Muscle Energy Techniques, Advance Soft Tissue Techniques, and Dry Needling.

Since having three children her drive has grown to help women in the postnatal period. To educate women on their pelvic floor, diastasis separation (if it has occurred) and the importance of building core strength back up again to cope with the demands children throw at you! With a number of friends having c sections, and the questions that came with it Georgie’s interest grew in how to help c section scars. She started with Emma Holly’s Introduction to ScarWork and the results were so fantastic that Georgie went on to become part of the first group of therapists to be trained as C-Section Scar Specialists with Restore Scar Therapy.

Claire Jonas

Claire Jonas

Sports Massage Therapist

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You might recognise Claire as she also works as part of the reception team at the Health Hub. Throughout her career and personal life her passion has always been customer service, caring about people, and health matters. Claire has always really focused on this, and this comes out if she is your Massage Therapist.

Claire has a deep-rooted love of sport, watching and joining in. In her younger days she was a fitness instructor and competitive swimmer. She now enjoys open water swimming, the gym, yoga and cycling.

“Our bodies fitness and wellbeing gives us the greatest key to happiness and fulfilment. It is our only “true home”, and so looking after it is paramount”.

Claire is qualified with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) to give Deep Tissue Sports Massage, relaxing full body massage or a combination of the two. Her mission will be to give you and your body a personalised and beneficial massage. Her aim: to make you feel “at home”.

Laura Ellis

Sports Massage Therapist

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Laura retrained as a Sports Therapist in 2020 after having enough of corporate life and hasn’t looked back since! She has a level 4 sporting injury and massaged diploma and continualy works on upskilling herself so stay tuned for what’s next.

Her favourite part of the job is problem solving and helping her clients achieve their physical goals, as well as improving their general health. Laura truly believes that no one’s body is the same and not one size fits all.

In Laura’s spare time she is mainly found in the gym, she believes her love for keeping fit and healthy really helps her in her role as a therapist.


Read what our patients have to say.

Sam is so knowledgeable, reassuring, professional and effective with his treatment & advice – highly recommend The Health Hub

Lucy Ewing

Thoroughly recommend this place, I’ve had two massages by Tanya. Will defs be coming back. Very good massages. Thank you for providing this service during lockdown.

Jennie Radford

Sam, Jodie and the team from the Health Hub are amazing. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Volker Ballueder

What a friendly place! Even with covid restrictions in place, you are made to feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. Tanya provides a thorough deep massage, having taken time to check on my needs and well-being. Would highly recommend and will be going back

Caroline Rogers

Thank you for fixing my back after 6 months of working from home on a wooden kitchen chair! I’ve gone from having never seen a Chiropractor before to now making it a regular appointment.

Adam Jones

I used to visit Tanya whilst she was working at the Heeler Centre, and was more than happy to continue using her excellent massage services when she moved to the Health Hub. The new venue is fantastic; welcoming, clean, great friendly staff and an excellent location. Of course, Tanya’s therapy skills are the main reason for going. So much so, my partner has now changed to visiting Tanya at the Health Hub and is also highly delighted.

Highly recommend – Sam and Tina at the Health Hub have helped me enormously recently with a back problem and I have been so pleased with the results. Always a friendly smile and professional service at their practice

Sally Tilley

I’ve been seeing Sam for treatment for a long time (getting on for 15 years). He’s managed to fix issues that allowed me to play rugby on weekends when I otherwise would have to miss out. While the issues he treats now aren’t normally as debilitating, I feel better and more able to train once I’ve seen him. Sam will give you a honest opinion on the best course of action for your injury and will do what he can to get you pain free as quickly as possible. The reception staff are great and it’s a friendly environment.

Lee Evans

I see Sam (chiropractor) regularly and he offers a bespoke, caring open minded service. Not only is he highly skilled and professional but he is friendly and knowledgeable without judgement or up selling. Highly recommend. Ive also had a fantastic sports therapy massage from Tina and hope to book in for another soon. Gemma

Gemma B