georgie brookes

Georgie Brookes

Sports Therapist
Pilates Specialist

Georgie is a Sports Therapist with over a decade of experience. She graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008. Since then she has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills working with a variety of sports teams, clinics, and gyms. After seeing how much Pilates played a role in the rehabilitation of injuries, she decided to train with the Pilates Foundation as a Matwork teacher in 2010. She has experience teaching small matwork classes, from beginners through to advanced, as well as specific rehab groups for example; lower back pain, shoulder pain, prenatal and postnatal.

Following her training in Pilates Apparatus in 2012, Georgie worked for the Harlequins rugby team for two seasons, using the reformer with players to strengthen and mobilise. She practised alongside the physiotherapists to help accelerate the players’ return to play following injury.

Over the years, the Pilates training has complemented her skills as a therapist. She has great success in helping individuals rehabilitate from injury and get back to their sport/hobby. This is achieved through a combination of strengthening exercise programs, manual therapy and of course Pilates!

Further Qualifications

tanya botting

Tanya Botting

APPI Pilates

Having previously taught fitness classes to adults and children, in 2020 when lockdown hit Tanya turned to Pilates to keep fit at home and loved it!  Taking advice from her physio colleagues she decided to train to teach with APPI (the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) as this method would provide a clinical form of Pilates which would be beneficial for many patients.

Paramount in her decision to train was the proven results which Tanya saw for herself.  Having sustained a prolapsed cervical disc which left her with muscle weakness and spasms if she over trained, practising Pilates made a huge difference and demonstrated what excellent results can be achieved.

The APPI Method has taken the original 34 Joseph Pilates exercises and adapted them so they are suitable for patients working at a wide variety of levels, from people who are new to exercise to those who are accomplished athletes.  Pilates builds strength, stability, flexibility and a strong core that will help prevent back pain.  Everyday tasks become easier and it is an exercise form that can be practised at any age.  Tanya has also completed Pilates for Healthy Bones training as she has a special interest in Osteoporosis, how Pilates can help prevent it and how patients with lower bone density can still exercise safely.

Tanya offers 1:1 Pilates sessions and small group classes.

Further Qualifications

jodie pargeter

Jodie Pargeter

APPI Pilates

Whilst studying for her Masters in Australia Jodie was able to work alongside some of Australia’s top Olympic Physiotherapists covering a number of disciplines. It was here she first saw the benefits of integrating Pilates with Physiotherapy. She made the decision to study with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI). Jodie regularly incorporates Pilates into her Physiotherapy treatment plans particularly when working with someone from a Women’s Health perspective. Currently Jodie isn’t offering Pilates as a stand-alone treatment, although she does offer the diagnostic ultrasound core scanning, which we refer to below.

Further Qualifications

Currently due to COVID-19 we are only offering 1:1 Pilates this allows for us to tailor a program to you. We also offer a Core Scanning Service using our Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner which produces a live image of your core activation. From this assessment, you will understand more about your core and realise what activating it should feel like, giving you the confidence that you are doing it correctly. All of this gives you a chance to get to grips with the finer details of Pilates, so you are then ready to progress to group classes, when the world allows!

Areas Pilates can really help with include –

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Women’s Health
  • Posture
  • Flexibility and Mobility

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The Covid Pandemic turned life upside down, being unable to treat patients I suddenly had more time on my hands than I had in years. In addition to the obligatory DIY and baking copious cakes I thought I should try to keep fit, so I decided to try my colleague Georgie’s online Pilates classes, well I loved them and Georgie’s clear, encouraging teaching style.  The focus, the concentration, the ability to progress the exercises and work at a level which suited me, I felt I was getting a safe full body workout which was still really challenging.


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I saw Kirk today regarding a very painful ankle. I found him to be very professional and has a very kind manner. I trust him to help me back to walking properly again soon.

Mandy Baker

Both myself and my son have been treated here, at the Health Hub. The staff are helpful and really friendly and the decor/ambience calming and professional. We have been treated by both Sam and Kirk – and both have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable, but also flexible and understanding. Kirk’s physio has helped me to make huge progress and reduce daily discomfort/increase flexibility. He has a lovely manner and goes out of his way to put you at ease and help you to progress. I would thoroughly recommend the Health Hub.

Nikki Dickinson

I’ve been recommending Sam for years as he has done so much for my mobility. The Health Hub is a very welcoming environment and I enjoy my chats with Maggie – seem to learn something every time! With Covid-19 they are very thorough with their cleansing and wearing of PPE, so patients should feel very safe.

Pat Squire

I highly recommend The Health Hub. The lady on reception is always very friendly and welcoming, and Elise has been excellent at assisting with my injury. The health hub has a very professional set up. It’s simple to make appointments online, and when you re-book after your appointment, you’re sent a text to confirm it. You also get a reminder a day or so before. As I say, highly recommend :0) 5*


Absolutely brilliant after having loads of treatment via the NHS that failed Sam sorted my shoulder out in very few visits. I would and do recommend this practise to all my friends.

Dawn Fennelly

Incredibly thorough care and treatment in terms of identifying my issues and preparing an exercise regime that was updated ahead of appointments. Health Hub have gotten me on the right track to recovery.

Michael Bichan

Sam is so knowledgeable, reassuring, professional and effective with his treatment & advice – highly recommend The Health Hub

Lucy Ewing

Very professional business.Excellent facilities and lovely people who know what they are doing. Highly recommend.

Steve Wadman

Sam, Jodie and the team from the Health Hub are amazing. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Volker Ballueder