Walking the Walk – Part 4

Sam Pargeter Sports Chiropractor

So how has my progress been going, the honest answer – is non-existent! I felt it was really important to write this article as fundamentally there is one key message…

Sometimes you just have to accept you can’t do it all, the key is to make sure you start again.

The last few months have certainly made it challenging to achieve my very ambitious goal. I know I have certainly found it difficult to make time for exercise, whether it be because of the joys of lockdown, constant rule changes, a very active 16-month-old and of course the glorious British summer!

There is certainly nothing like watching the Olympics to inspire getting going again.

Time to hit the reset button, now that things appear to be “normalising”, forming a routine is becoming easier on all fronts, so it is time to revisit everything. Where to start…

From a treatment perspective, I have been maintaining my progress by continuing to work with Lachlan, Kirk and Tina. All of which has helped to eliminate the niggles/restrictions previously mentioned. Unfortunately now comes the hard bit, I need to put in the work!

I will be scheduling 4 fitness sessions a week that will incorporate my remedial exercises as a warm-up. I will also be aiming for a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, 90% of which will likely be spent being run ragged by our 16-month-old, so I shouldn’t have any problem there!

To get a gauge of where I am I have done a 5k to get a base fitness result and something to work from…

exercise metrics

Clearly, this is some way off the overall goal of running a 5k in 20 minutes, but it gives me a starting point to work from.

Find out how the reset has gone next month, wish me luck!

Sam Pargeter, Sports Chiropractor