Scar Work

Scar Work Georgie

Many of us have got a scar we could tell you a story about; a graze from childhood, a joint replacement, caesarean, hysterectomy, and the list goes on. But have you ever thought of what you could do to promote healing and the overall health of your scar?

Scar tissue is a collagen-based tissue that develops as a result of the inflammatory process following injury. This process is necessary for healing damaged tissue, skin, muscles, tendon, ligaments, fascia or nerves. When collagen is used to heal the injury matures, it is referred to as scar tissue. The scar is weaker than the tissue it is replacing, by about 80%.

In 1973 Sharon Wheeler, a therapist from Seattle discovered her ability to improve scar tissue. She developed ScarWork techniques over many decades working with many different types of scars. The techniques used help to release tightness, help restricted mobility, reduce pain and sensitivity, simulate and boost healing, as well as support emotional well-being.

Georgie has recently trained in Scarwork, so if you have a scar that you feel unconnected from, afraid to touch, or want to try and improve come and try a session. Contact us to book an appointment today.