How’s your Balance?

Elise Rawson

What might be affecting your balance and what can we do to help?

Maintaining your balance involves 3 major systems of your body; your inner ear (vestibular system), your vision and your proprioception (sensory information from your body to your brain).

When one of these systems gets impaired through disease or injury you can experience a variety of symptoms such as joint pain, falls, dizziness, vertigo and changes in your ability to walk. Often people’s lives are heavily impacted by this but they aren’t always aware that, potentially, there are things we can do to help.

How can we help?

As Vestibular Specialist Physiotherapists, we use Vestibular Rehabilitation. This enables us to assess, diagnose and effectively treat your symptoms by retraining your vestibular and balance systems, thereby restoring normal function.

We do this by conducting in-depth assessments of all three of your systems to detect the area that needs focus and then formulate a patient specific exercise plan for you to carry out.

The most common conditions treated include:

If you feel that you are struggling with any of these then get in touch today. Our Receptionists will arrange a time for me to call you back to discuss your case to ensure I can help before booking an appointment.

Elise Rawson

Specialist Physiotherapist