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Jodies Journey

Keep an eye out for our latest blog which will be going live next month. As many of you know, we welcomed our second child 9 months ago. This is the focus of the upcoming blog. Here Jodie explains a bit more.

Recovery the second time around has certainly been slower, but I wanted to share with you all what I did to optimise this as best I could.

Women’s Health has long been a passion of mine and having gone through two recovery journeys myself, it really hit home how little is offered to new mums. So much can be done to aid your recovery to ensure you get back to being you again!

Given what you have been through, both in terms of the pregnancy itself and then birth, whether that be a natural, assisted or c-section, it hardly seems fair that there is literally nothing offered to guide your recovery. Apart from your 6-week check, when often the focus is on your baby, no one really seems to look at mum. Don’t get me wrong, your new baby is hugely important and needs attention but, what about you?

Having now been through this journey twice, I wasn’t sure if the lack of guidance and aftercare for Mum was normal, as the first time was during COVID so it was hard to gauge. I can confirm it is!

Now I am lucky that my professional expertise in this area means that I know what to do and what is available but,  having spoken to friends from NCT, it made me realise that new mums or in fact, any mums often aren’t aware of what can be done to help them recover. So I thought it might be useful to the timeline and document my journey to help you see what options there are available to you to ensure you get back to being YOU!

Over the course of the following year, I will be talking about a number of topics, including:


– The differences in recovery from Natural vs C-section

– Top tips in the first 8 weeks

– Scar Healing if you have had a C-section

– Making a safe return to exercise

– How to look after your eldest whilst recovering if this is your second child


Look out for the first instalment next month!